Pizza vouchers?

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ok ...

so where do I send the pizzas for you and Jeremy :D

Address plz?

Yes, address would be useful. May be sent to private address,
bypassing list ;-)
BTW: What sort of pizza do you like ?



Gerald Carter wrote:
Frank Carreiro wrote:
> I'm impatient for the next release of samba myself... 
> I'm having all sorts of issues with getting NT 
> local/global groups to map against my UNIX 
> groups.  I'm hoping this next version will 
> meet that need...
> Other than that Samba has made my life A GREAT 
> Where can I send pizza vouchers?  I'd be happy to 
> purchase and send several.  I think the headaches 
> samba has relieved DESERVES at least a few.

Thanks Frank.   I'm afraid though that user/group 
mapping code has not been reworked for the next release
(and not from lack of desire or awareness of the problem).
Tim has made some progress in HEAD, but we need to re-evalute
the entire design in order to have the necessary confidence
in it.

Stay tuned.

Cheers, jerry
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