TNG back from the dead [if we get some decent doctors...]

Simon Allaway simona at
Fri Oct 6 14:21:00 GMT 2000


Now that you've thrown down the gauntlet on TNG, I'd like to step 
forward. My experience is in web development and samba admin. Here at 
the university I run various web servers and code up applications using 
I'd be more than happy to help create a useful resource for TNG 
development. Just let me know how I can help get this off the ground.


Sander Striker wrote:

> Non-coders:
>  - Documenters 
>     - Write (good) documentation (examples: man pages and
>       a HOWTO)

>  - Web designers/maintainers
>     - Desinging and maintaining a website (update regularly).
>     - Keeping FAQs and other public files in sync.
>  - Mailing list subscribers :-D
>     - Giving (founded) feedback on technical issues.
>  - Testers
>     - Testing release and cvs versions on a regular basis.
> Coders and non-coders combined:
>  - API spec and documentation writers
>     - Like an MSDN for TNG
> Do you think you can do one of these jobs? You can make a difference.

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