Samba on Fat32

Iiro Niinikoski iiro.niinikoski at
Fri Oct 6 08:23:03 GMT 2000

>I got samba-2.0.6-8 source . I have just recompiled it successful .
>And now, I mount a Fat32 disk on Samba server. I want a client to access my
>Fat 32 directory for read/write/override but Samba server to be unable to do
>Please show me how to change on your source code to do it
>Thanks very much.

You don't have to touch the source. Just create an appropiate user (like
samba; I use my on linux box user) and umask it in fstab (for example 777).

And, you could try to use the Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) by
connecting to the localhost:901. Use your machines root account... It works...

Iiro Niinikoski

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