TNG back from the dead [if we get some decent doctors...]

Sander Striker striker at
Fri Oct 6 05:06:44 GMT 2000

Hi people,

As you all (might) know, TNG is on the floor bleeding to death.
Within time all there will be left is a dried out corpse with
internal organs cloned and transplanted.

I for one don't want TNG to vanish and with a little help
from you (the fine doctors :-)) we can pull it off. We are
starting TNG as a subproject of an open source DCE/RPC library/
toolkit. This may sound weird, but TNG is ideal for this
because a great part of RPC code is in place in TNG and
can all be replaced to use the library in time. This means
great cleanup (= more stability) and easier intregration of
extra services (Exchange comes to mind). This also makes
it easier for external parties to write services.

Our main aims for TNG:
 - expanding the PDC functionality (we want (full) w2k support)
 - adding printing support
 - adding interopability features (like: an endpoint mapper)

Anyhow, the first goal is keeping TNG alive and kicking and
therefor we need your help. We are in search of:

 - Documenters 
    - Write (good) documentation (examples: man pages and
      a HOWTO)
 - Public speakers 
    - Appearing on mailing lists and trying to answer most of
      the questions.
    - Routing irrelevant bugreports to the FAQ department
 - Interims between core developers and public
    - Filtering of patches and making sure they come to the
      right person.
    - Keeping users and developers in 'touch', for example by
      asking developers regularly, what they're currently up to,
      and what they think, how long a feature/bug will take,
      until it is done.
 - Web designers/maintainers
    - Desinging and maintaining a website (update regularly).
    - Keeping FAQs and other public files in sync.
 - Mailing list subscribers :-D
    - Giving (founded) feedback on technical issues.
 - Testers
    - Testing release and cvs versions on a regular basis.

 - Mergers
    - Follow the samba-cvs list and merge relevant changes into
      TNG. Especially bug-fixes ;-)
    - Applying patches
 - 'Helping hands'
    - Like in the period Luke asked for people who could rewrite
      all of the daemons like he had done for one :-) A bit of:
      "Here's an example: we need that also here and here and here."

Coders and non-coders combined:
 - API spec and documentation writers
    - Like an MSDN for TNG

Do you think you can do one of these jobs? You can make a difference.

Sander Striker

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