Pizza vouchers?

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Fri Oct 6 03:45:58 GMT 2000

> > Where can I send pizza vouchers?  I'd be happy to 
> > purchase and send several.  I think the headaches 
> > samba has relieved DESERVES at least a few.
> Thanks Frank.   I'm afraid though that user/group 
> mapping code has not been reworked for the next release
> (and not from lack of desire or awareness of the problem).
> Tim has made some progress in HEAD, but we need to re-evalute
> the entire design in order to have the necessary confidence
> in it.

I'm sorry I feel compelled to point out that you didn't respond to the
most important part of this email.

Have the pizza voucher docs been updated?
With most of y'all working for VA now does this mean we can send pizza to
just one place.

If a pizza guy showed up at va's hq's (wherever in CA you are) with say
10-20 pizzas would there be a way to find the "samba area" in va.
Or would the pizzas be "confiscated" by one of the other groups.

I am really quite disappointed in this attitude  - if you can't help your
supporters and users with simple questions then I'm afraid you'll get no
pizza from me.



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