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	I thought I'd share one of Mr. Rhett's "personal" notes with the list.
I am now filter-deleting this thread as it is a waste of ALL of our

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Subject: what tree did you fall out of?
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 13:14:14 -0700
From: Joe Rhett <jrhett at isite.net>
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> > Because we're not using it as a fileserver. If I just needed File & Print,
> > I can do that with NFS/LPD. Are you really so dense as to believe that
> > maintaining a hundred NT/98 workstations only requires file & print?
> 	Your attitude sucks. How much have you invested in Samba? Have you sent
> pizza vouchers to any of the main developers (one of whom you just
> called dense). If he's dense, what does that make you- He who hasn't
> contributed a single thing to the Samba community except indigestion? I
> don't even feel like eating anymore tonight. 
For your information, I was a significant tester of early Samba,
contributing many hours using a real sniffer to debug protocol issues.
contributed to documentation on numerous occasions. I haven't had time
contribute in the last year, but that doesn't change the reality of both
viewpoint - the reality which most of us on the list face. We don't make
this stuff up -- we have realtime, real-life deliverables.

When someone mentions and elaborates a real issue, telling them it
matter does nothing more than demonstrate your own ignorance. You aren't
God, you don't know everything. You've demonstrated quite clearly how
little you know, and how little project management experience you have.
Why don't you sit back and learn a little?

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