reason we(you) cant keep using Samba

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Thu Oct 5 22:38:55 GMT 2000

> > When I sent in a comment about that,
> > Jeremy responded that my notes were useless, it wasn't made for people who
> > didn't know what they were doing.
> Again, I don't remember doing this. Being dismissive of
> other people's efforts is definately not something I make
> a habit of doing.
It may have been in the tone of "I'm busy, it can wait" and I didn't read
it correctly, but it certainly didn't help.

> > We had "Sun, HP & IBM ready to put cash into this for SOURCE CODE RIGHTS"
> (capitalised emphasis mine - not original posters).
> Could this be the core of your issues with Samba development ?
> We don't own Samba, so we couldn't possibly allow this.
Naw, that was ages ago. I had almost forgotten about it. We're talking
around 1995. The point was that we could get sponsorship of development
efforts, and I had been willing to put in time & effort on that. Andrew
chose not to go that path, and so there's not much way to put my money
where my mouth is. Time & effort are more precious than money these days ;(

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