The reason we can't continue using Samba

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Thu Oct 5 21:03:05 GMT 2000

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> Joe Rhett wrote:
> > And you have over and over stated that a timeline isn't possible. Since
> > that effective means you could quite happily deliver in Q4 2002 we can't
> > possibly count upon having Samba function in any realistic part of our
> > organization.
> Yes you can - file and print. Why is PDC support essential
> for serving files and printers ? winbind single sign on
> support will be added into the 2.2.x series also (for UNIXen
> that support nsswitch modules).
	Not to put too fine a point on it, but perhaps because his
organization needs (beyond short-term) something more than just file and
print sharing?
> > Nobody's asking for a do-or-die date.
> But that *IS* exactly what you're asking for.
	Not exactly.

> > We just want to know if you'll
> > deliver in 2000, 2001, 2002 ....
> 3.0 will probably be "later this year" or "early next year".
	That's getting closer to what he wants to hear I think.

	IMO (I'll be blunt):

	We need to finish that list of features/requirements that we've been
assembling on the ML, then just guestimate, say "March 2001, contingent on
developer availibility, the thing working right, and <insert other caveats
here>."  Then we have something we're consciously aiming for.

	If we miss, fine, but at least we'll be aware of it.

	I remember about a year ago the general impression being that the
PDC functionality was more or less imminent.

	That's still the general impression, except people are finally
starting to get restless now.  There's kind of the feeling that we've missed
something, but nobody's quite sure what it was.

	This is why Mozilla has milestones; they keep the project focused.
They've slipped on a couple, but never really gotten bogged down because
they've been able to perform triage and keep moving.

	We need some sort of concrete feature+timeframe goals, if not for
the users' benefit, then for our own!

	I find the PDC requirements thread reassuring.  Hopefully we'll
really follow through with it and set down a list of concrete goals and a

	If not... well, it has been said that those who are going nowhere in
particular invariably get there.

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