Pizza vouchers?

Frank Carreiro fcarreiro at
Thu Oct 5 21:00:18 GMT 2000

> Your attitude sucks. How much have you invested in Samba? Have you sent
> pizza vouchers to any of the main developers (one of whom you just
> called dense). If he's dense, what does that make you- He who hasn't
> contributed a single thing to the Samba community except indigestion? I
> don't even feel like eating anymore tonight. 

I'm impatient for the next release of samba myself... I'm having all 
sorts of issues with getting NT local/global groups to map against my 
UNIX groups.  I'm hoping this next version will meet that need...

Other than that Samba has made my life A GREAT DEAL EASIER!!!

Where can I send pizza vouchers?  I'd be happy to purchase and send 
several.  I think the headaches samba has relieved DESERVES at least a few.

Frank Carreiro

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