Login Script & access to Win95 shares across SAMBA

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at gesinc.com
Thu Oct 5 23:56:56 GMT 2000

Patrick :

Is the NT box the PDC?  If it is then it will authenticate your login, not
SAMBA, and your login script should run fine.  Samba can't be a BDC (at
least in 2.0.7).  In the smb.conf you need to set
domain logons = no (NT will authenticate)
domain controller = nameofNTcontroller

Now, even though you have a resource tied to a Win95 box, if you want Samba
to administer it, it must be set up there.  ie. for a shared printer, you
must use printtool to create an entry in /etc/printcap for the printer, and
create a printer share (you can simply uncomment the one that is in the
default smb.conf, but you may have to tune the print command =  for your
specific printer.  I have this exact scenario with a printer shared through
Samba that is attached to a Win95 machine.

If I have misspoke I trust someone will correct me kindly :) . (newbie just
starting to figure this stuff out).
What am I missing?


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> At 01:52 PM 10/5/2000 -0700, James W. Beauchamp wrote:
> > > Okay, that last directive - domain logons = yes - put me one more step
> > over the top.
> > > But, when I login to the NT domain (which works, by the way), it
> > > execute the login script off the NT box.
> >
> >Did you create the NetLogon share on the Linux box?  Did you make sure to
> >create the logon.bat file in Windows and then copy it to the Linux box,
> >run unix2dos on it if created on the Linux box.  did you set logon
> On #1, yes.
> On the logon.bat, this is a login script that gets run off of the network
> NT PDC server, not my machine.
> So, based on that, I suspect the "logon file =" would do me little good,
no ?
> >Each of the other users must have an account on the Linux box to access
> >these shares.
> This is to access shares defined on my Win95 box, not the Linux box, right
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