The reason we can't continue using Samba

Matthew Keller kellermg at
Thu Oct 5 20:03:16 GMT 2000

Joe Rhett wrote:
> > > And you have over and over stated that a timeline isn't possible. Since
> > > that effective means you could quite happily deliver in Q4 2002 we can't
> > > possibly count upon having Samba function in any realistic part of our
> > > organization.
> > Yes you can - file and print. Why is PDC support essential
> > for serving files and printers ?
> Because we're not using it as a fileserver. If I just needed File & Print,
> I can do that with NFS/LPD. Are you really so dense as to believe that
> maintaining a hundred NT/98 workstations only requires file & print?

	Your attitude sucks. How much have you invested in Samba? Have you sent
pizza vouchers to any of the main developers (one of whom you just
called dense). If he's dense, what does that make you- He who hasn't
contributed a single thing to the Samba community except indigestion? I
don't even feel like eating anymore tonight. 


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