Security = domain and different NT and Unix account names.. ..

Colagio, Kevin Kevin.Colagio at
Thu Oct 5 12:26:16 GMT 2000

I tried using the "username map" and setting the values in there, but
it still isn't working.  I also tried setting and creating "domain user map"
but that isn't understood by Samba 2.0.7.

Thanks for the idea.

Kevin Colagio
kevin.colagio at
System Administrator and Perpetual Student 

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"Colagio, Kevin" wrote:
> I have my Samba server as part of the NT domain.
> Some users can get to the shares with no problem.  However, any user
> that has a difference in login names (i.e. kevinc on the Unix side
> and kcolagio in the NT domain) can not connect.
> Is there a way to get this to work (without changing all the user
> accounts to be the same thing...)?

Use the "username map" option in smb.conf.


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