Linux vs. Win 2000

Olufunminiyi Abiri oabiri at
Thu Oct 5 08:39:48 GMT 2000

Dear Sir,

Please we ae having problem configuring Win 2000 to be
able to gain access to our Corel Linux server. After
configuring samba on the Linux system, we have
sucessfully edit the registry of Win 98 and NT so as
to gain access to the Linux system. But all our effort
on the Win 2000 systems are to no avail. It seems Win
2000 has its own peculiarity. Can you help on these
because our Win 2000 clients need to gain access to
the Linux system.

My regards,
O. Abiri

Olufunminiyi Abiri
Senior Programmer,
National Mathematical Centre,
Wuse Zone 3, Abuja

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