problems with machines where runs Win NT Server!

vincent vincent at
Thu Oct 5 06:53:23 GMT 2000

Hello friends!

I have configured a samba-pdc with samba-tng 2.6 and it can login my Win
NT workstation
without problems.
So i have replaced my Win NT workstation with a Win NT server, because
i´ll create new
user with the Win NT server over the samba-pdc. Has anyone solved this
constellation or
has anyone a idea to resolve this problem?
I have created a new and new users, but i can´t login on my
new domain with the
new users, in using with the same smb.conf.
What configure-tools which were important have i forgotten?
Is it basicly possible to create and configure new users on a Win NT
Server machine over the
other machine where samba-tng runs as a pdc?

please help us!



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