Minor PDC feature

Fabricio Bianco Abreu Fabricio at tc.df.gov.br
Wed Oct 4 23:26:39 GMT 2000

I have read the General RoadMap on

Yet, I couldn´t spot in which version of Samba will the feature bellow be

In my organization we have 400 Win95 machines that tie to a WinNT domain.
These Win95 machines are organized in different workgroups and operate at
"user level mode" to share it´s resources with the other Win95 machines. By
"user level mode" I mean they can grab the WinNT domain list of accounts to
assign rights to the shared resource.

I would like to replace our WinNT domain for a Samba domain. AFAIK this
"list of accounts" is the only feature not implemented on Samba 2.0.7
working as a PDC for such Win9x machines.

Will it be implemented? In which version of Samba?
 a) 2.2.x ?
 b) 3.0.x ?
 c) None of the above.

Best regards,


PS: forgive me for my lame English. I am not a native speacking guy.

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