Changing passwords from NT workstation

James B Curry jbcurry at
Wed Oct 4 13:46:36 GMT 2000

Eric Davis wrote:
> Has anyone tuned this "passwd chat =" line yet?  From reading the docs I
> have
> this is what it seems to say also, but it doesn't help and say for a
> windows
> NT workstation this is what it's expecting.

The passwd chat takes place on the *nix side.  It doesn't matter that
you're using NT.

In my limited newbie understanding of how this works, when you change
your password on the client system (Win9x, WinNT), it hands off the
*old* and *new* password info to Samba which then inserts it into the
"passwd chat=" dialogue and gives it to *nix.

> With as good as Oriely books are,
> I cannot believe that the authors didn't include at least one good
> example of
> this.  Does anyone have one they would care to share of changing a samba
> password from a Windows NT Workstation?

I'm 95% sure there's a solid example in the O'Reilly "Using Samba". 
They should also have documented the special strings used to create the
chat, such as \n for line feed, %o for old password, %n for new
password, etc...
If it's not in the O'Reilly book, grab a copy of "SAMS - Teach Yourself
Samba in 24 Hours", page 326.

The example in O'Reilly may not work for your situation, since the login
prompts can vary from *nix flavor to flavor and from version to
version.  Look carefully at the syntax (esp. spelling and
capitalization) of your *nix system password prompts, and check to make
sure that your "passwd chat =" in smb.conf matches it exactly.

I have RedHat 6.0 and recall having to change a capitalized letter in
the default "passwd chat =" entry to accomodate the dialogue.

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