Changing passwords from NT workstation

Eric Davis davis at
Wed Oct 4 12:13:26 GMT 2000

David Bannon wrote:
> At 03:34 PM 03/10/2000 +0400, Vadim K wrote:
> >
> >  Good day!
> >  Has someone working syncronus password changing from NT workstation?
> >  If yes, please help!
> >  I've got samba-2.0.7 and it works correctly until I set
> >   unix passwd sync = yes.
> >  In this case UNIX password changes, but sambpasswd - not (with getting
> >an error).
>         For this to work you must 'tune' the line in 'passwd chat =' so that  > it is
> in agreement with how your passwd programme responds. Its a messy process
> that does not report errors accuratly. Consider alternatives, can you do
> all your authetication from the samba passwd list for example ? If you have
> a pam aware system see
> David
> >  How can I change both in the same time from NT workstation??
> >
> >/Vadim/
> >        mailto:mogikan at
> >

Has anyone tuned this "passwd chat =" line yet?  From reading the docs I
this is what it seems to say also, but it doesn't help and say for a
NT workstation this is what it's expecting.  With as good as Oriely
books are,
I cannot believe that the authors didn't include at least one good
example of
this.  Does anyone have one they would care to share of changing a samba
password from a Windows NT Workstation?

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