Strange Desire ! .... [aka ignoring W2000 box]

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The following should acomplish that:

1. Put them in different workgroups
2. Disable The sharing features of Win2000 on your NIC

Altough the first one should avoyd any problems (BTW: I'm using samba 
2.0.1 w/o domains with win2k, and it's working great!)


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Hi - I've got a little lan with two W98 machines and Samba 2.0.6 running 
on a 
FreeBSD 3.4 box.

I have to put a W2000 machine on the same lan for the next two months. I 
don't want to upgrade Samba. Is there anyway I can configure the W2000 
machine so that 

(a) it completely ignores the Samba server and the two W98 machines ? and 
(b) they completely ignore the W2000 machine ?

The W2000 machine has to be plugged into the LAN so that it can get out to 

the cable modem but otherwise I don't care if it can't access shared 
resources. Obviously I don't want it upsetting the other machines.

Any help/advice/suggested reading would be appreciated.


Richard Shea.

Open Door Ltd
PO Box 119-46

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