ACB bits, samuserset fails

Thomas Uttenthaler tom at
Tue Oct 3 10:55:27 GMT 2000

Hello Matt,

At 09:46 03.10.00 +0930, you wrote:
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> > Hallo Samba-List,
> >
> > I have set up Samba-TNG on three NT-Servers, two German (PDC, standalone)
> > and one English (PDC), all SP 6a.
> > On the two German NT-Servers the samuserset-command works fine, but on the
> > English NT-Box, which was
> > not set up by me, it always fails. I don't know what the previous admin has
> > done with it, does anybody know, if there is
> > a special setting in NT to allow/deny remote SAM-Modifications?
> >
> > My second question is about ACB-Bits. Generally, all users have set the
> > value "User must change Password at Next Logon",
> > does anybody know the ACB-Bit for this setting?
>Check the samedit HOWTO (follow the link in my .signature). The samedit
>manpage shipped with TNG 2.6 and later also mentions it.
>...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

Thx for your reply,

I recently (only 5 minutes ago :-) solved the problem with the connection 
to the third NT-Server,
the -S <Server-Name> Parameter did not work, so I gave the IP-Adress 
instead of the Name.
This only works for setting the password with the ntpass command, but 
createuser and samuserset did not work ..
So I added the Server-Name to the /etc/hosts, mybe the "name resolution 
order" - directive in the smb.conf would help
too in addition to a WINS-Server.

I have already read the FAQ and Howto from the kneschke site, here are the 
ACB-Bits, which are described:

1       Enable / Disable Toggle
2       Home directory required
4       Password not required
8       Template Duplicate account
16      Normal User Account
32      MNS Logon User Account
64      Domain Trust Account
128     Workstation Trust Account
256     Server Trust Account (BDC)
512     Password Never Expires
1024    Account is Autolocked
2048    Password is locked

I can't find the Bit for the "User must change Password at Next 
Logon"-Setting, am I blind??
The samedit-man-page does not say anything about the 
samuserset/samuserset2-commands, except
mentioning their existence ..

I could solve this with setting 512, then the must-change-setting is 
cleared automatically, but
this is only a cripple, because I plan to use password-aging for my servers 
soon ..

Best Regards and many thx

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