ACB bits, samuserset fails

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Tue Oct 3 00:16:10 GMT 2000

Webmasters Internet Club wrote:
> Hallo Samba-List,
> I have set up Samba-TNG on three NT-Servers, two German (PDC, standalone)
> and one English (PDC), all SP 6a.
> On the two German NT-Servers the samuserset-command works fine, but on the
> English NT-Box, which was
> not set up by me, it always fails. I don't know what the previous admin has
> done with it, does anybody know, if there is
> a special setting in NT to allow/deny remote SAM-Modifications?
> My second question is about ACB-Bits. Generally, all users have set the
> value "User must change Password at Next Logon",
> does anybody know the ACB-Bit for this setting?

Check the samedit HOWTO (follow the link in my .signature). The samedit
manpage shipped with TNG 2.6 and later also mentions it.



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...And by the way, Lars Kneschke's Samba TNG FAQ is at

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