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At 01:30 AM 29/09/2000 -0500, Gerald Carter wrote:
>This is a very rough list of items off the top of 
>my head. 

> ....

At the risk of triggering off another flame war, can we get some guideline
as to what the verious versions are planned to do, [2.2.0, Head, 3.0] ?
The reason I ask is that I maintain a fairly busy web site that tells people how to get the
(limited) PDC facilities out of 2.0.7.  The doc that come with that version
talk about 1.9.x  and we got sick of people asking on the NTDom mailing list. 

My question is will  2.2.0 [] continue in the legecy mode (with
regard to seperate daemons, config and support files etc) for PDC or will
it do things the TNG way, or another way altogether ??  I would be willing
to do a YODL conversion of my stuff it would be of any help.

This is important info for someone trying to make up their mind which way
to go to implement a temporary  (or permanent) solution. And lots of people
are trying to make up their minds at the moment ! In fact, I think that a
very large number of system admins like myself are faced with the need to
do something about their samba controlled domains to permit w2k joining.
Much as we would like to stick with samba the pressure is certainly
mounting and last weeks events did not help to ease it.

Please note that I am not asking for any time line, I know better than that

>Jeremy will be the main contact person for this (via the
>samba-technical list)

Should we regard samba-technical then as a better reference than NTDom
mailing list ? I've been subscribed to NTDom from almost the beginning but
feel that I'm not really hearing everything I need to know any more. I can
help with testing having a couple of machines that get pulled down
regularly and a small class room that is not used over holiday periods.

>Coding Projects

I've been writing in C for more than ten years but have to admit to being
intimidated by the unicode  and other 'formal' requirments.

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