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Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Oct 2 23:42:16 GMT 2000

"F. Wiegerinck" wrote:

> Every one hate to use the event manager as Microsoft is shipping
> it with WinNT. Is it a good idea if someone, when it is getting priority,
> creates a new event manager. At the unix-based system there wil
> run a server next to Samba and will examen the logfiles created by
> Samba. An windows client is able to make connection to this server
> and retrieve the information from the server. This will be easer to
> develop too. And it's up to the developer to design new futures to
> improve the usage of the event manager.

This isn't really a Samba issue. I think that if you are using Samba on
Unix, you are probably better off rolling you own. Perl is ideal for
processing text and printing reports. We are starting to implement a
couple of web-based scripts to do this....



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