mandatory profile, policy, etc

Makis Marmaridis a9700671 at sp4.macarthur.uws.EDU.AU
Mon Oct 2 14:02:41 GMT 2000

Hi Christian,

> Problems
>     1. I want only one mandatory profile for every user (it's
> a school)

Easy, in your smb.conf set:

       logon path = \\yourservers-ip\profile\students

Now all students will be using the one profile inside the "students"

>     2. When a user disconnect from a station his/her profile is not
> deleted of the station :-(

Nothing to do with Samba. The easiest way is to make up an appropriate
policy using poledit (policy editor) and uploaded in the netlogon share of
your samba box.

Hope this helps,

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