Problems with Win2000

defoult defoult at
Mon Oct 2 07:57:19 GMT 2000

Hello all ya out there!

I've got a minor problem, but I just can't handle it on my own, so maybe
you can...

I'm running a Linux Server and a Win2000 Client is connected to it. When
I try to browse the shares on the server I always see my user-folder
dispayed twice: one time under /homes/username and a second time under
/username/username. How could this happen, since I didn't add any
options to the smb.conf which could influence the server in this way;
under the [homes]-section I set the path accordingly to the system tree,
but in no way twice!

Another problem I encountered was bound to the cd-rom on my server: I
can't access the files on the cds but I can at least see its
capabilities. In the smb.conf  ([cdrom]-section] I set the preexec
option to mount /cdrom and the postexec option to umount /cdrom and both
work in the shell of my server, but when I double-click the share using
my client I don't see anything.

It would be very nice if somebody could help me since I really tried
hard but just didn't succeed.
Thank you!

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