samba not starting (NT Domain)

Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Wed Nov 29 12:17:11 GMT 2000

More info please. what do you mean with put yourself in the NT domain?

did you look at the FAQs/HOWTOs at
secondly, did you look at the samba log files? (stop samba, delete logfiles,
						see if samba fails, 
						look at logfiles.
						If you can't see anything
						increase to debug level 5 or 10)

If you then can't find the problem, attach the log-files, as it's impossible
to tell where you'r problem is w/o them.


On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 10:40:07AM -0500, Savacool, William B wrote:
> here is a copy of my smb.conf
> smamba loads, but won't let me 
> putmyself on the NT domain
> What do i do?



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