registering with WINS server (was: finding samba PDC on different subnet)

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Nov 27 04:48:19 GMT 2000

At 03:33 PM 11/27/00 -0500, Robert M. Martel wrote:
>	What must I do to FORCE my Smaba server(s) to register with
>a WINS server.  I am unable to use my Samba servers as WINS servers, I need
>to use the university provided WINS server.  So far my Samba machines
>have been unwilling or unable to register with the WINS server.
>	I have the "win server = IP addr of WINS server" in my smb.conf
>but every time I use nbtstat -a sambaserver on a windows client machine
>I get back "Host not found".  The books don't say all that much 
>about WINS, other than it should magically work.
>	Seems to me that this is why my client machines cannot find their
>(samba) PDC on a different subnet (as I have posted in the past) which is
>I am posting this question to this list.
>	Anyone have any thoughts as to why the communication with WINS is 
>not working as advertised?  I am using Samba 2.0.7.

Ummm, seems like standard debugging. Are the packets getting through. Use
tcpdump or Ethereal to capture the outgoing WINS packets and look for
responses of any sort (even ICMP dest unreachables).

The packets will be sent to port 137 on the WINS server.

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