Roaming profiles, permissions

Jason Todd todd.4 at
Mon Nov 27 21:18:43 GMT 2000

Thanks to those who supplied feedback to my previous questions.  All is
well now (mostly).  It turns out that it was a disk usage problem after
all.  I didn't think to check the quotas of the problem users.  I set each
quota to 200 MB for the /home partition but [explicative] IE 5 ate up all
of the space with its cache.  I'm a Netscape guy myself...

Anyways, I'm playing around with the registry permissions stuff and I
think I found a cheap solution.  I noticed that for some reason, most
users have "NTUSER.DAT" and "ntuser.dat.LOG" in their ~/profile directory,
and other users (myself included) have "ntuser.dat" and "ntuser.dat.LOG"
instead (notice the case).  I removed the lowercase "ntuser.dat" off my
~/profile directory as well as my "locally" stored profile on one of the
client machines then logged into NT.  Previously there was just "username"
in the WINNT\Profiles directory but now there is "username.000" which
seems to be storing ALL of my correct profile information, Desktop,
registry, etc.  I'm not too concerned by the extra profile directories
hanging around.  BTW, there are no local accounts on the machine in
question, except for the usual (Administrator, Guest, etc.).

Maybe this info can help others with similar problems, or maybe some of
you know of better approaches.


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