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Hazen Valliant-Saunders hazen at potentia.ca
Mon Nov 27 18:45:53 GMT 2000

Ok so now that matt goering (god bless his twisted soul:) can sue me for
plagerizam <-me cannot spell!

	Alrightey.  For those of you who don't know or havent read enough already.
	When using samba as a PDC the home directorys of the users of that Domain
have what is called a profile
	the profile itself is a set of files that define your Mail settings, News
settings, Network Settings , Administrative Rights, Rights, Favroites (IE)
History (IE) and many other things most notealby your preffered Registry
Entries. and other things like your Backround for your desktop and any
applications/documents you may have on your account.  Under WIN NT 4.0 they
are stored under the path "C:\WINNT\PROFILES"  Said directory contains all
of the above configuration information about the user accounts ie: User Bob
will have a dir named Bob under the profiles dir with all of his prefrences
stored neatley, if Bob was part of a domain, then the dir C:\WINNT\PROFILES
would be mapped at startup form the remote or PDC's profile directory for
Bob.  ie: Bob really has two profiles, a local and a remote, however when
bob logs onto his domain, his dir is mapped at logon form the PDC to his
local drive and then the Mapped registry and all of it's preferential
settings are loaded.  That is why pdc's are nice.  you can have 500
computers on a cube farm with 24/7 operation and each individual will have
their own account.  I've actually experenced work in a place like that it
was quite detremental to my health.  However points aside a Private Domain
Controller is the God of a windows network.  If you are setting up a PDC
please use 2.2.0-alpha or the CVS HEAD version (3.0) or at least TNG.  And
if anyone has TNG working stabley please tell me how you kept it form
consumeing all of your memory.
	So all that aside, My new and small company (www.potentia.ca) needed a PDC
however both the owner, business manager, myself and two of the other 8
employees use linux at home for fun and decided that we could not justify
$3,500 expense of buying a copy of W2KAS, And bieng of sound morals all of
the mentioned people decided against piracy (Hey i program and i need the
income form my IP, Heck this company is an IP firm pretty much specialzeing
is telco power design, like very specific power and power integration for
incredably new and strict hardware. )  So i informed my boss we could use
samba as a pdc, and now 2.2.0-alpha1 is working beautifully (knock on wood)
and we are in the inital testing phases.
	Now what i am having trouble with is this, we all have local profiles, and
now due to the domain we have roveing profiles as well, I need to map all of
the local Profiles to the roaming ones.  so this way no information is lost
and when people logon to the work doamain form home they will not have any
trouble checking their mail and having acess to their tools form work.  BUT
	and that mapping issue is my problem.  I have read all the archives and
faq's for every kind of samba, TNG HEAD 2.2.0 1.9.7 et-cetera, ad-nosium.
	so if anyone could help me i would much appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.
Hazen Valliant-Saunders
Potentia Telecom Power
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