Problems with NT 4.0 and Samba -> Power User

Sören Grimm soeren.grimm at
Mon Nov 27 16:50:13 GMT 2000


i have the following problem. I want to set up Samba as PDC.
I am running Samba 2.0.7 and Win NT 4.0 Servicepack 6.1.
Until now i have set up Samba as PDC and i am able to
join the Samba Domain. Additional it is possible to log on
as user at the Domain. But all the users have only "users" not
"Power Users" privileges. Now i want to change this. I have
read the mailing lists and found out, that the Maps are not
implemented in 2.0.7. So, what other options do i have ?
I don't want to change to Samba TNG or equal.
May be it is possible to use the usrmgr (Server Utils)
from Windows NT, but how can i create an Domian
Administrator ?

So please help me.

Thanks in advance


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