Network Inaccessible (Linux)

Kai Blin k.blin at
Mon Nov 27 12:50:12 GMT 2000

* Parvez Hussain <parvezhussain at> [27/11/00, 03:13:34]:
> Hi,
> I have cofigured Samba in my linux m/c to be accessed from my NTdomain. When I 
> click on the NN I get the following error:
>         \\linux_netsol was inaccessible.
>          Path not found.
> 'testparm | less' gives no error.

Is the TCP/IP working on the linux box, on the windows clients?
Are the demons up or do they run via inetd?

what's the output of a smbclient -L //linux_netsol
		  or   smbclient -L \\\\linux_netsol (if you like it that

> I am sending my smb.conf file.

Please don't send lines beginning with ; next time.


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