Win2K and 2.06 or 2.07

Bart Drijver b.drijver at
Thu Nov 23 16:16:56 GMT 2000

This is an answer you gave to someone who wanted to know about Win2k 
connectivity with SAMBA 2.07:

"2.0.7 will work with win2k as clients, but not as PDC. The upcoming 
2.2.0 release will allow win2k prof clients to logon to a samba PDC. 
regards, Michael "

What I like to know (I'm hoping you know al lot about this) if there are any 
known problems with connecting a Win2k Server to samba shares. 

I'm currently running a pilot-project at the Nyenrode University in Holland, 
where I've got a Win2K Citrix Metaframe Server (in Workgroup NETWORK) 
connected to a SAMBA 2.06 running on LINUX (PDC of domain 
NETWORK). In the initial tests al went well, but some testusers are 
complaining about missing mappings at random. Sometimes when working 
they get disconnected drives.

The setup:
15 testusers are created localy on the Win2K/Citrix Server with the same 
usernames ans password as on the SAMBA PDC.
A logon.bat script is activated when someone connects to the Win2K/Citrix 
Server and the mappings are made (at least they should!) like this:

net use g: \\Merlot\homes (Merlot is a SAMBA server)
net use h: \\Merlot\apps

when in a Citrix-session al mappings by hand are made correctly. Only 
when mappings are made automaticly things tent to go wrong. After loggon, 
and starting the Explorer it's waiting up to 1,5 minutes before al drive 
mappings are shown (about 6) 

Important questions:
1. Is there an explaination/solution to this behaviour?
2. Is the 2.07 version a better version than the 2.06 regarding to Win2k 
Server connectivity?

Hope you or anyone else can help,

Bart Drijver, Nyenrode Computer Centre the Netherlands

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