Roaming profiles, permissions

eirvine eirvine at
Thu Nov 23 07:27:40 GMT 2000

Hi Jason,

Jason Todd wrote:
> Hi, here are 3 questions I've been fighting with...
> Background:  I'm running Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat 7.0 (kernel 2.2.16-22smp).
> This machine is set up as a "PDC" managing domain logons.  All client
> machines are NT 4, varying service packs but I think all are at least SP4,
> and the problems below even occur on SP6.
> 1)  Problem:  Certain users get the message "could not find your profile,
> contact your network administrator" or something like that, and they are
> kicked right out after trying to log in.  I check the Samba logs, and they
> are showing connections to the appropriate shares (including the home
> share).  I peeked around in the registry, comparing the users' "profile
> location" key with that of users experiencing no problems, and couldn't
> find any discrepancies.  However, in C:\WINNT\Profiles, for one problem
> user in particular (and a few others), there are several "username.###"
> and "username.###.bak" entries, with ### ranging from 000 upward.  Maybe
> that is a clue to the solution or cause.
> 2)  Problem:  I suspect this might be related to #1 above.  My own
> personal account on the domain will not let me change any HKLU registry
> settings.  I think other users are experiencing this one, too.  In the
> domain "logon.bat" file, I have
> to map a few network drives.  The /PERSISTENT:NO causes the command to
> return an error about not being able to save a profile registry setting
> (about saving drive connections).  Other peculiarities:
>         2a) Logging in, I always get the stupid "Welcome to NT" window.
>         2b) I set a new wallpaper and click OK, it doesn't take.
>         2c) I set a new desktop color and click OK, it DOES take.
> In addition, each client machine keeps listing an "DOMAIN\Account unknown"
> in its user manager, permissions boxes, etc.  I think it believes that
> "Account Unknown" owns the registry, or at least the HKLU branch.
> 3)  How-to:  This one is much simpler, how do I map NT groups to UNIX
> groups?  I've heard rumors of a "domain group map" or similar parameter,
> but seen no documentation on it or the format of the map file.  I simply
> want to create a UNIX group, such as "power" and then specify that each
> user in that UNIX group will be a Power User on the NT domain.  If this
> can be done, I'd like to know how, or if it can't yet, that's fine (I
> suppose  :).
> I know this is a lengthy message, but I've been trying to research those
> questions for a while with no luck.  Thanks to anyone who can provide good
> info to me.
> Jason Todd

I'd just like to add a big "me too" to your questions.
(but I have roaming profiles working just dandy with
win98 - its NT that's causing me the problems).


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