Only selective people can log in to a Win2K-Server, part of samba-2.2.0_cvs controlled domain

Christian Barth barth at
Tue Nov 21 19:54:27 GMT 2000


we are currently doning some tests with a Win2K-Server in a domain 
which is contorlled by a samba-2.2.0 (cvs of about 10 Days ago) PCD 
(on Redhat 6.2). We noticed a "funny" thing:

Only two of about 20 users can log in to the Win2K-server, the other 
immedialy recieve "The domain controller for FBKTEST cound not be 
found" (well, this meaning, it's the german message). All users can 
log into NT4WK. I have no ideas what's the difference between the 
successfull and the unsuccessfull users, exept that they have been 
the first 2 to try.

Any ideas?

An other thing:
Are policies known to work with Win2K-Server? We didn't get them 


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