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Tue Nov 21 17:41:30 GMT 2000

At 08:15 PM 11/20/00 +0600, Anders C. Thorsen wrote:
 >On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 04:07:24PM -0800, Neal Koss wrote:
 >> It's not the use of the roaming profiles that is the problem. I just don't
 >> need them. My network is just the 2 computers in my home and I always 
 >> from my machine. But I'm sorry, I just don't understand what you meant by
 >> the users saving their files.... I thought (for example, in Eudora) that I
 >> was saving to a subdirectory of my main Eudora directory, but I find that
 >> somehow Win98 and Samba have changed that to
 >> C:\windows\profiles\neal\application data\qualcomm\eudora. I never set 
 >This is a "feature" in Eudora... Windows/Samba did not actively change that,
 >altough Eudora did due to the presence of user Profiles on Windows
 >I believe that someone suggested
 >in smb.conf
 >LOGON PATH describes where the netlogon share is to be, and
 >where the logon scripts should be run from.
 >will tell WINDOWS not to copy the profiles.

I believe I get it now! I put those 2 statements into the [global] section 
(using my own logon path) and the logon procedure as wellas the logout went 
MUCH faster and did not show the window with files being copied. Thank you 
to all.... Now I just have to figure out how to tell Eudora and the other 
programs how to find the files if I move them out of my 'profiles' 
directories :-)
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