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> > At 12:43 PM 20/11/2000 +0000, Shaun Lipscombe wrote:
> > >
> > >The update encrypted option is working nicely (thanks to who ever
> > >suggested that!).  How do users change their passwords if they have no
> > >shell access?  Can you use any windows tool that the users will find
> > >easy to use?  I have found that net password is not supported but
> > >using a DOS command scares the users enough anyway so surely there
> > >must be some windowy way of doing it?
> >
> > On WinNT, Crtl-Alt-Del ->
> >
> > A number of people have custom web based systems to cater for W95 users.
> >
> > David

For our Win9x users, we copy the "Passwords" control panel icon
to the desktop, and instruct our users how to use this tool.
Specifically, we have them use "Change Other Passwords" and only
have the "Microsoft Network" option available.  (While the
"Change Windows Password" may also work, it does not work for all
circumstances and it has been reported by Microsoft to be flaky.)

Two important notes that may or may not be relevant to this
method:  we have disabled password caching, and we do not use
roaming profiles.

I've been looking for a method that doesn't require the extra two
steps (selecting "Change Other Passwords" and then selecting
"Microsoft Network") but haven't been successful as of yet.

See the attached GIFs for an example.
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