Which daemons shall I start in Samba-TNG

Sziliczi Janos jana at earth.inf.elte.hu
Tue Nov 21 12:33:32 GMT 2000


I made a PDC with Samba TNG 2.6. It works if I start all of the daemons
in directory .../samba-tng/sbin (except of swat).

I'd like to run just those daemons which are certainly necessary.

The daemons are:
	nmbd - NetBIOS name server (required)
	smbd - SMB services to clients (req.)

	browserd  netlogond  samrd  spoolssd  svcctld  winregd
	lsarpcd   srvsvcd    wkssvcd

	Which daemons are required from list above for PDC?
	And what is those functionality? (I haven't got any 

Thanks in advance:

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