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Tue Nov 21 10:53:06 GMT 2000

--On Dienstag, 21. November 2000 10:36 +0200 Buchan Milne 
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> Hi,
> We are a company that grew out of commercial activities at a University.
> We are currently completing our move off the use of their Netware
> server, and some users are using our linux (postfix) mail server. We
> have a samba 2.0.7 pdc (different to the mailserver), and one feature
> that I haven't managed to replace from the Netware server are the pop-up
> messages when mail arrives. I hacked a short shell script to send a
> message saying that the user had received mail, but this generated
> errors when the user was not logged in.
> So I was wondering if someone had a good solution for this. What I would
> like is a pop-up when the user is logged in, and when not logged in,
> messages should either not generate errors, or should be logged to a
> file to be included with the login script. At some stage I might also
> want to send people SMS if they are not logged in.
> Any ideas ?
> (postfix uses procmail for delivery, and my previous attemt used an
> entry in the ~/.forward file)

There are quite a number of programs out there:
a) mail clients like mulberry or netscape messanger
b) there are MANY biff clones out there for win*, look on the
   free/shareware archive sites
c) you can write a little daemon that checks the e-mail folders
   of all users, and tries to send smbclient -M messages to them
   (then you could use the sms_client program, too)


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