Samba vs NFS with SFU

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Tue Nov 21 01:10:07 GMT 2000

At 03:33 PM 20/11/2000 -0800, Patrick Calkins wrote:
>I have been using Samba for a few months, and have several Win2K clients. As
>Samba does not officially support domain logons for Win2K clients yet, what
>would I loose/gain from going to the native unix way of networking
>filesystems with NFS and installing the Services For Unix on each of the
>Win2K clients? Would this be a better solution for the time, until Samba
>fully supports acting as a PDC for Win2K clients ??? Thanks
The 2.2 alpha release does (unofficially) support W2K, some people are
having problems but as its going to be the future, I'd certainly not
dismiss it at this stage. See the FAQ on the cod page.

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