Installing Samba 2.2.0-alpha0

Alex Sharanin a_sharanin at
Mon Nov 20 19:16:16 GMT 2000

Just downloading This Samba, run script confugure- Got error(linux RH6.2)
ERROR : no locking available
Running Samba would be unsafe....
What does it mean?
try to compile it on other host - All OK, make install- OK,
try to run SWAT - it prompts me for username-password, I enter root & root's
password - authentication fail(or something like) - SWAT don't accept any
user/password pair, which exists on this host, try 'swat -a' - Nothing
to the end - I made Samba to be logon server; Win98 workstation succesfully
entered domain but- when I tryed to share it's drive with user-level
security I was unable to get userlist from Samba server(there was only
'everyone' in this list). I have read documentation, and wrote 'domain user
map' and 'domain group map' files-but got message "User list is not
avalaible now"
Will anybody help me?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Alex Sharanin, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ru
Sorry for bad English

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