Finding my Samba PDC on a different subnet

Robert M. Martel bob at
Fri Nov 17 21:45:11 GMT 2000

	Greetings all,
	We've recently moved to a new building and rolled out about 100
PCs now accessing our Suns using samba rather than Solstice Network Client
and it has been great.

	I have a lab of NT 4.0 machines that had been using one of my Sun's
as their PDC.  In this building the labs are on a different subnet and 
have been unable to locate the PDC.

	I have the Lab machines configured to access the university WINS server
and my samba machines also access the same WINS server.  I have added a line
to the LMHOSTS file on the NT 4.0 machines that looks like:		meeker	#PRE #DOM:mydomain

	I have added the "domain master = yes" to the smb.conf file on my

	I found a line in "Special Edition Using Samba" which states
"...and all SAMBA servers are configured to register with this
WINS server..."  But my best guess at how to "register" with the WINS
server is by using the "domain master = yes" line in SMB.conf.

	So far nothing I have tried will allow my client machines to locate
their PDC.  What have I missed?  It is possible for samba to act as a PDC
for machines on a different subnet, is it not?

	Bob Martel

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