Win2k joined the domain - but I can't log on

Wimberly Eddie Contr WRALC/LYSFR Eddie.Wimberly at
Fri Nov 17 19:02:55 GMT 2000

I have experienced the same exact problem.

I have tried several different options and none seem to resolve this

Has anyone else seen this and fixed it?

I am running the 2_2 branch downloaded Nov 16.  I can join the domain but 
can't login using a username from smbpasswd.  I can login to the Win2k box
as local admin and browse to the samba box thru Network places.  It then
for a username/password, which I can enter one from the smbpasswd file and
lets me in and I can then see the shares on the samba box.  But the goal is
be able to login using these accounts.

Help please!!!  I've read the archives, How-to docs, etc.


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