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Kenneth Noel noelk at
Fri Nov 17 13:09:12 GMT 2000


I have a question.  I currently maintain a large NT network.
I'd like to change our three domain structure to
have all the users on one damain, possibly a samba server.  The
problem, to moving/adding all those users to one domain their sids
will be different making it so we have to change the permissions on all
the NT servers.

There are products out there for hundreds of thousands of dollars to
make the mover easier.  They will go out and re-ACL all your servers.

I have to believe there is a simpler way to do it using Samba.
If I could run a script against the users that are on
my domains now, to get their sids.  Would it be possible to create
another script to copy their sid to the smbpasswd file?  The problem  I
think is with the RID.

If someone would come up with a resolution for this I'm sure more people

would move their NT domain structure to Linux.

I have seen one person that has made it possible not to use the passwd
file and putting part of the sid in the smbpasswd file, that lookds
close to what I need.  I think some how I have to have three rids
running on my samba server using the old domains sids.??

Keep up the good work.

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