Problems accessing a previously working Samba system

Russel Ingram ringram at
Thu Nov 16 00:17:36 GMT 2000

> Finally, I let it sit overnight.  This morning I went through the same
> steps of removing it from the domain, re-adding it, and then putting
> it in (successfully, I might add - no error messages) with smbpasswd.  
> When I try to access it from Windows Explorer this morning, I get
> this:
> <Unix_ws> is not accessible.  The remote procedure call failed.

I've had this same problem for around a year now and have posted it here
before but found no solutions.  Just some additional info on the symptoms
that I get -- the problem does not go away with upgrades.  When I started
having this problem I was running 2.0.5a, I am now running 2.0.7 and still
have the problem.  Does someone have any idea what might be causing this.


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