How to use only the UNIX password file with samba ?

Shaun Lipscombe shaun.lipscombe at
Wed Nov 15 12:46:54 GMT 2000

* "Adam" == Adam Williams <awilliam at> writes:

 >>> You want to setup "unix passwd sync", see the smb.conf man page.
 >> Does this work with shadow passwords?

 > It should work with anything.  It actually calls the password
 > change command that you specify (ex. /usr/bin/passwd) and
 > communicates with it via an "expect"-ish script.  If the expect
 > script is a go it then proceeds to change the SMB password, else it
 > returns a failure to change the passwd.

OK.  When you create the smbpasswd file should you cat the shadow file
to the script?  In the encryption.txt it says to use
/etc/passwd and of course /etc/shadow is in a different format....

Hopefully I haven't asked a dumb question :-/


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