How to use only the UNIX password file with samba ?

Adam Williams awilliam at
Wed Nov 15 11:33:13 GMT 2000

>we are planning to use sambe in place of our NT PDC.

You don't have a choice, PDC requires encrypted passwords, and that 
requires smbpasswd file.

>So we have define samba to be a logon server for windows and it works. 
>security option is user in order to use the UNIX/NIS password file. The 
>problem we have for the moment is to change the password from the 
windows tool

You want to setup "unix passwd sync", see the smb.conf man page.

>box. This option works only if we define the user in the smbpassword 
>located in /usr/local/samba/private.
>We do not like this option as we would like to have only one password 
file, the
>file coming with the NIS.

Keeping the two file in sync is quite simple.  WIndows user's change 
their passwords with the windows passwd tool, Samba set's BOTH passwords. 
 Local *NIX users (if any) change their password with the smb  password 
tool, so that Samba still handles the password change, and sets both 

>So is it possible to tell samba to change only the NIS password file 
only when a
>request is made from windows. We don not want that samba look for the 
>smbpassword as we are not planning to maintain this file.

Yes, but then the system won't work as a PDC.

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