How to use only the UNIX password file with samba ?

Florent Boucher Florent.Boucher at
Wed Nov 15 08:26:52 GMT 2000

Dear colleges,
we are planning to use sambe in place of our NT PDC.
So we have define samba to be a logon server for windows and it works. The
security option is user in order to use the UNIX/NIS password file. The only
problem we have for the moment is to change the password from the windows tool
This option works only if we define the user in the smbpassword file located in
We do not like this option as we would like to have only one password file, the
file coming with the NIS.
So is it possible to tell samba to change only the NIS password file only when a
request is made from windows. We don not want that samba look for the file
smbpassword as we are not planning to maintain this file.
Thank you for a precise answer.

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