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Wed Nov 15 07:49:29 GMT 2000

* Mallik <mallik at scatech.com> [31/10/00, 17:16:05]:
> Hi ,
>       I have my LAN setup with 2 NT servers as PDC and BDC. My linux box
> is a member of the PDC with DHCP ip address. I ran samba in the hope that
> usernames in my linuxbox can use the same password as the PDC password
> list on the password server(pdc). when samba ran it had become the pdc
> automatically . All i added was the password server address to the pdc
> intranet ip in smb.conf and ran a smbpasswd on my local users.  

Hm.. I don't know what the os level option does to the DC functionality, but
there is an option for samba becoming domain master browser, and in smb,
this has the same machine code (or whatever this is called) as the PDC. IIRC
it's <1B>. So you should set all the preferred master, domain master options
to no and set os level to 0.

> My question is 
> why did'nt the PDC on NT Server let my linux box take over as PDC
> especially when i didnt supply any network-admin username/password in my
> smb.conf

If my way of thining is right, you just had your samba set up to win all
browser elections. So it would just have the same code (this <1B> thing) as
the PDC of yours..
Perhaps one of the gurus has a better idea, though..



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