Connection problems from NT4.0 to Samba with password protect share

ralf.luettgens at ralf.luettgens at
Wed Nov 15 06:59:08 GMT 2000

Hello together,

we are running Samba version 1.9.16p9 on Dynix/PTX. I've create the
following share :

   comment = Directory-Austausch von NT nach UNIX
   path = /transfer/call_center/webdata
   user = dummy
   read only = no

Then i create a user "dummy" on the unix system.

On the NT 4.0 SP5 Client i create the Reg-Key "EnablePlainTextPassword"
with the value 1 under
Then i try to connect to the share via explorer and i get the error
message: Wrong User or Password. Then
i click ok and the Client System ask me again for User and password, i shut
down and restart the samba
server and click then ok on the client, the connection works.

Have somebody a suggestion how can i solve this problem.


Ralf Lüttgens
fon:      ++49 2131/290-483
fax: ++49 2131/290-419
E-Mail:   ralf.luettgens at

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