Connecting to Windows 2000 machines

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Tue Nov 14 22:15:45 GMT 2000

At 09:05 PM 14/11/2000 +0530, Prasad_Tangella wrote:
>     Hello,   We have installed Samba server on a machine running SunOS. We
>are able to connect to it from Network Neighbourhood of the Windows NT
>machines.   But, we are not able to connect to it from Windows 2000
>machines. Could you please give us any suggestions?   Thanks, 

Please read the PDC FAQ and HowTo. It will tell you what versions will do
what you want, how to get it, how to do it and make a few suggestions about
what information you should include when posting a question to this list.

Go to a Samba mirror near you, click on 'Documentation' and then on one of
the links on the right hand side.


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