Text Editor??

Larry McElderry larry at ptcoupling.com
Tue Nov 14 15:40:38 GMT 2000

If you don't mind a commercial product SlickEdit's a pretty good choice.
Mainly intended as a programmer's editor,  it works quite well with
plain text.  Also offers some great diff and comparison features as well
as color syntax highlighting,  templates,  expansion,  etc.

Handles EOL automatically,  though you must specify when creating new

Available in Windows and X.

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> Sorry for the off topic, but does anyone know of a good text
> editor for use
> in windows for editing files residing on unix that does not
> put the dos EOL
> chars in, but uses the unix EOL chars instead?? Its a real
> pain changing the
> smb.conf file from within windows, only to have it mangled up
> when I edit it
> later with FreeBSD's ee program :o)
> thanks!!
> --Patrick

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